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Upcycled Jewelry. Accessories, Home Decor and Clothing

Located at

318 St. Lawrence Street.

 Merrickville, ON.







Tammy  is a Jewelry Designer and Creative            Up-cycler  ~~  creating modern jewelry and home decor from Broken China, Antiques and Heirloom treasures. 

Upcycled clothing featuring Vintage Lace!

New to the shop is a brand new line of clothing all from upcycled linen and lace!  All outfits are one of a kind!  Tired of dressing like everyone else.............each piece is handcrafted from vintage lace, tablecloths, doilies, to provide you with that special dress or tunic that no one else will ever have !!  Be an individual and stand out from the crowd and let your personality show through in what you wear!  

  Unique designs .

 Specializing in using vintage silverware and broken teacups and saucers.

Steampunk Jewelry.  Teapot bird houses, lamps, towel racks, Bookmarks, candle holders, etc.     





upcycled tunic from vintage lace doilies            upcycled neck tie necklace

  Altered Art Jewelry......  Broken China Bracelets        Broken China Bookmarks



   Skeleton Key Necklaces           Steampunk Chokers         Photo Key Chains


Magnifying Glass Necklaces

         Fried Marble Necklaces              Photo Jewelry                .


   Doily Purses      Vintage Silver Tray Necklaces         Broken China Bracelets and Earrings          


Vintage Silverware Jewelry

      Spoon rings     vintage silverware bracelets       Broken China Knobs


 silvertray neck laces        upcycled necklace                steampunk necklaces







MyVintageRevamped preserves memories by upcycling vintage, antique and heirloom items into modern wearable art. I love to take broken teacups and saucers and turn them into unique one of a kind Jewelry items.    Bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces can be made from those old broken teacups and saucers.
Didn't everyone's grandmas have numerous teacups and saucers in her china cabinet!  It seems like we loved those teacups at Grandma's house but then we don't know what to do with them when we inherit them. Granddaughters don't seem to be interested in receiving these teacups and saucers but I bet they would be thrilled to receive some jewelry that they know was made from Grandma's heirloom china.
I found that over the years, it was usually the teacup that broke first. Then you had all these left over saucers. My Grandma used to use them to put underneath a plant ( violets) or to feed the cats. I have found something new to do with these old mismatched saucers.
I take these saucers and use them to make jewelry. To me it was the perfect way to keep a part of Grandma's heirloom china ( or just a teacup and saucer that was her absolute favorite) and have a new way of appreciating it.
The new jewelry or home decor items I make allow me to have a way of keeping Grandma's memory with me every time I wear it!
I love to do custom work. I am delighted to know that a saucer that someone brings me will be able to be given back to them in the form of modern jewelry and that Grandma's china will now have a use and not end up in our landfills.


Custom orders are always welcome!




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